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Online Website Editor

well, most of the CMS don't have a pre-installed WYSIWYG editor, however you can add a plugin later on and that works fine. Thanks


Ummm... most do have a pre-installed WYSIWYG editor. That is most definitely standard.


Ektron is terrible, I have been trying to convince our IT department to ditch the software as soon as possible.


Just like dot Net nuke, only $20,000 more!

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Ektron CMS400 works pretty well, I recommend it too.

Midlife Crisis

Do you know the new version Ektron CMS800 ?

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Voyeur Japanese

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Nice Yellow Egg

The Ektron system is based on .net 1.0 technology, the API is incomplete, patchy documentation, controls do not expose enough properties, full of bugs, please avoid!


My own experience with Ektron has been a nightmare. It's extremely buggy, and I'm finding that very few people know the software well enough to get it running smoothly. Those who can want to charge thousands of dollars over Ektron's already outrageous price. It's a software money pit. I wish I knew a year ago what I know now. If there's anyone out there seriously considering Ektron, I would seriously reconsider, unless you have money to burn.


I am seriously considering Ektron for a CMS system because I need to integrate some website elements with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Ektron claim to have an integration module for this.

Do you have any suggestions for alternative CMS systems?

Dissatisfied User

Ektron is one of the worst products I have had the displeasure of working with. In addition to licensing CMS 400.NET the company I consult for hired Ektron to implement their site. The implementation was EXTREMELY sloppy and amateurish. Although the CMS includes the jQuery library, form validation was attempted through inline Javascript that reported errors one at a time in popup alerts. Other parts of the core product were also coded around by Ektron's own implementation team, presumably because they were inadequate or buggy, but perhaps they knew as little about their own product as they did about jQuery. The site was riddled with bugs and support was virtually non-existent. Content managers were afraid to submit content unless a developer was on hand for fear of something breaking.

The only positive thing I can say about it is that it provides job security for me. However, being an ethical person who wants to provide a quality product and an excellent end user experience I take little joy in this small fact.

Use this product at your own risk!!

George Berman

A company that offers an "instant" demo, then requires you to register and wait for a sales call, immediately raises my suspicions.

When you can't find the price, either, it's pretty clear you're looking at overpriced junk. I'm thankful for the reviews that validated my expectations.

Bleeding Ektron-User

Poor performance, poor support, and questionable business practices. We regret doing business with Ektron. We've spent 6 digits on licensing, professional services, hardware, etc. We've stuck with them for the past 3 years, following their recommendations but have not had performance issues resolved. They stuck a knife in our backs when we notified them of our intention to find an alternative solution. We've found their support does not take ownership of problems and prefer to quickly close cases. Their final answer to performance problems is always to buy more licenses and add more hardware. The requirements from their initial sales job to when we called it quits quadrupled. Beware of doing business with this company.


Installed a demo in November and it isn't worth the price. We decided to go joomla since it did what we needed and their plugin actually worked.

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